Daisy is an open-source project with a very liberal license. This means a lot more than just giving the source code away for free, and you as a user sitting back and anxiously awaiting the next release. We welcome your participation, being it questions, comments, remarks, bug reports, documentation enhancements or feature requests.

Getting involved starts with subscribing to the Daisy mailing list, making you part of the Daisy community. You have direct access to the evolving codebase, both through a web interface or through SVN. Do not hesitate to send in patches! Regular contributors will be granted commit access to the Daisy codebase, giving them the ability to help growing Daisy in the direction they want.

Another way of getting involved is through funding the development of additional features of Daisy. While we support and enhance Daisy on a continuous basis, being paid for developing Daisy surely tweaks priorities.

Mailing lists

Daisy does not have separate user and developer mailing lists, everyone is welcome on the same list.




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Should you happen upon a bug have a look if some body else is in the same predicament. Chances are that your issue is already solved! Hurry over to our issue tracker.

Subversion source code repository

Anonymous read-only SVN: http://dev.outerthought.org/svn_public/outerthought_daisy/

Checkout the latest sources using

svn checkout http://dev.outerthought.org/svn_public/outerthought_daisy/trunk daisy-trunk

Browse SVN online: http://dev.outerthought.org/trac/outerthought_daisy/browser


Mirrored downloads via Sourceforge. Daily Hudson snapshots can be found here.

Older pre-Sourceforge releases are still available here.

Daisy API

Community-hosted resource

Thanks to Andreas Deininger for hosting this site.